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Price: 165 Euro
Material: Cherry, oiled

This castle contains:

Steeple with little brass bell; WxHxD 11cm x 36cm x 6cm

Main house; WxHxD 20cm x 30cm x 4cm

House; WxHxD 19cmx 23cm x 6cm

Main gate; WxHxD 42cm x 30cm x 6cm

2 additional walls with stairs; WxHxD 13cm x 21cm x 8cm

4 castle walls; WxHxD 20cm x 14cm x 6cm

8 wall columns

Area measured with two different examples of placement

1. WxD 52cm x 50cm
2. WxD 77cm x 50 cm

Compared to the castle above the following has a bigger utility space at the walls. This is good for placing bigger figurines if necessary. Additonally the columns have been glued to the walls so that nothing can shift during the game.

Price: 185 Euro
Material: pine, oiled


Price: 280 Euro ( spruce/fir, pine ) without figurines

The selection of the colours and the composition of the parts of this castle underline the attentive and robust way it has been manufactured. This is playing with no compromises.

This castle consists of:

Main tower with roof

2 small defense towers

Main house with battlement

2 Gate towers with gate and drawbridge

4 castle walls

Staircase into the castle's courtyard

Basic area around 1 x 1 meter

Price: 300 Euro ( spruce/fir, pine )

This castle has been made from pinewood. The surface has been treated with natural and coloured wax. The possibilities to put the parts together offer a wide variety of game situations.

This castle consists of:

Main tower

Prison tower

Main house

2 gate towers with gate and drawbridge

4 castle walls

Basic area around 1.2 x 1.2 meter


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