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Price: 480 Euro
Material: multiplex beech, oiled WxHxD: 60cm x 100cm x 35cm

This kitchen is already at service in a Kindergarten.
You can give me all your wishes, determine the design and choose the type of wood.
This kitchen is made from multiplex beech. It is extremely durable and has a very resistant surface - just the right thing for a Kindergarten.
The mentioned price relates to the kitchen you can see in the pictures. Depending on the type of wood and the equipment prices may vary. However in any case I will set up a reliable cost estimation.

Please allow 3 to 6 weeks delivery time acc. to my order list.

Shipping cost will be around ... to destinations outside of Shanghai.
Of course the kitchen can also be picked up at my workshop.
Within Shanghai the delivery is free.


WxDxH in total: appr. 72cm x appr. 42cm x appr. 98cm

Height of work plate: appr. 50cm

Shelf with drawers WxDxH: appr. 70cm x 20cm x 18cm

Drawer WxDxH: appr. 20cm x 20cm x 15cm

1. With turnable handles

2. Water tap with turnable cold- and warmwater valve

3. All doors with high quality furniture angles

4. 4mm acryllic window

5. Handles and buttons made of ceramic

6. Dish towel holder at the side

7. A lot of space to store cooking materials


Price: 280 Euro
Material: pine, waxed
WxHxD: 60cm x 100cm x 35cm


Price: 370 Euro
Material: pine white glazed
WxHxD: 60cm x 100cm x 35cm


Robins KücheRobins Küche

Like shown in this picture I do not manufacture this kitchen anymore. It has been my starting model more than 10 years ago and was tested thoroughly by my son...

These kitchens offer you anything small cooks dream of. Baking oven, cupboard for the dishes, integrated wash basin of stainless steel and 3-4 heating plates with revolving switches. Plus hooks for the kitchen equipment and small drawers for storage of goods.


Nicis Kaufladen vorneNicis Kaufladen innenNicis Kaufladen innenDetail der Drehknöpfe

Vorderansicht Nicis Kaufladen

Price: from 480 Euro

This small shop with little heating plates has the dimensions of 80x140x100 cm (WxHxD). It receives its personal touch through the shop logo with the name of the owner. A lot of space to store goods and lay down fruits and vegetables is also there. The roof is made from a washable and very durable textile and can be detached for washing.


RückseiteKaufladen innenKaufladen vorderer TeilRückseite des vorderen Teils

Schubladen am hinteren Teil

Prices: from 280 Euro

These shops are also usable as a theater. They are each made with a sales desk and a rear part which can be used as theater on its backside. The movable side parts are equipped with high quality furniture angles. Upon request these shops are available in different colours.


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Please notice that I live and work in Shanghai at the moment. I will return to Germany in 2014.

You can reach me via email.

All the articles shown display items which I have already manufactured for customers. The prices indicated shall serve as orientation and may vary according to size and configuration.


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