Dear customer,

the articles introduced here are a small selection of numberless possibilities to transform wood into toys. I would like to introduce some of my handmade nativity sets, decorations for your table and farm houses to you. All items have been designed and manufactured by myself in dependence on Waldorf. They inspire fantasy and always allow new game situations during playing. I guarantee that you will receive an attentively manufactured artistic craftwork which is unique.

The toys are made of massive wood (beech, cherry, spruce and pine), plywood or multiplex-wood. For assembling I only use metal-free connections with glue and wood plugs. With the doll's furniture, small cabinets or drawers there are also finger joints or dovetail joints.

The well grinded surface will either be glazed with colours, stained, waxed or oiled. This underlines the vital structure of the wood surface. The toys are formed in an harmonic and natural way. No child can get any injuries at the attentively rounded edges. All wax, oils and colours that have been used are free from any poison and unobjectionable for toys. We strictly follow the european standard DIN EN 71/3.

I also design and manufacture customized and will be glad to make your wishes and ideas come true. Wood is something particular for me. I have great pleasure in making toys out of this material so that children can have their fun with it.

Take much pleasure in using it:

Yours, Martina Ibs



Hinweis Rechts


Please notice that I live and work in Shanghai at the moment. I will return to Germany in 2014.

You can reach me via email.

All the articles shown display items which I have already manufactured for customers. The prices indicated shall serve as orientation and may vary according to size and configuration.


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